I’m an Interior and Architectural photographer based in Sydney. My clients include Home Beautiful Magazine, Airbnb Plus, NSW Fair-trading, interior designers, architects, real estate agents and proud home owners.

I grew up as an only child in 80s' China. Never expecting that I would become a photographer because of family business background, but I alway have a heart for art/beautiful things.  

I bought my first DSLR, a Sony A230 when I was studying in England. At first I'd only planned to capture personal memories and moments, but soon found myself with a stream of requests to photograph friends’ weddings, fashion shows and graduations. Discovering my gift in photography, I finished my Masters in Business Management and took a diploma in photography from the UK Photography Institute. Meanwhile, I started as an Airbnb freelance photographer and it gave me a wealth of experience and I fell in love with capturing spaces on camera.

From China to the UK, then Sydney, the abundance of life experience has broaden my horizon and helped me keep making improvement in photography skills. During the time, I have also accumulated many returning customers who like my style and appreciate my diligence and profession.

I cherish every shooting opportunity, because every single job gives me different inspiration and chance to improve. Therefore, I never mind spending extra time arranging and styling the space, taking care of the details, adjusting the angles to achieve the perfect composition. At the same time, I am also a people person who love listening to and discussing with clients, knowing their best need so these reflect in the photographs. 

I take great pride in my photos and I sincerely believe you will feel the same when they’re yours!



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